A Gift of Safety: Get a Free Child Seat Check before Holiday Travel

Photo of Child Safety Seat Check crew

With the holiday season just around the corner American families are making plans to travel—and those travel plans will often involve mom, dad, and the kids getting on the road. If you’ve got little ones in the car, it’s critical that they travel in a car seat.

So, before your holiday schedule gets too hectic, take the time to make sure your child is riding in the correct car seat…and that the seat is correctly installed.

Source:: http://www.dot.gov/fastlane/gift-safety-get-free-child-seat-check-holiday-travel

Help Us Tweet (and Facebook) to Beat Heatstroke TODAY!

Photo of baby in car seat

Summer is supposed to be a time of fun and freedom for children. But, too often during the summer months, a child left alone in a vehicle dies due to heatstroke. Already this year 19 children have died due to heatstroke; that’s in addition to the 44 children killed in 2013.

So today, as we did last year, we’re asking everyone on Twitter and Facebook to help spread our lifesaving message as part of Heatstroke Awareness Day

For children’s sake, “Look Before you Lock”

Photo of Secretary Foxx with father of child who died from heatstroke

Derrick. Benjamin. Hailey. Logan. Cooper. Anna. Mason Ryan. Bella. Alejandra. Sophia. Jeremiah. Logan. Julius. Sophia. Fernando. Aurora. Giovanni.

These are the names of the children who, since April 1, were left alone in their cars and died of heatstroke. There are 17 names, and it’s only July.

It seems like we live this nightmare over and over again every year. That’s because we do. Last year, 44 children were left alone inside their cars and died of heatstroke. In 2012, the toll was 34.

These are tragedies.

Secretary Foxx with Reginald McKinnon, a strong safety advocate whose daughter died from heatstroke.

Source: http://www.dot.gov/fastlane/children%E2%80%99s-sake-%E2%80%9Clook-you-lock%E2%80%9D