Post-Accident Questionnaire (FMCSA)

Please answer the following questions to determine if a DOT post-accident drug test is required.

This questionnaire is for FMCSA post-accident advice. For PHMSA advice, click here.


Was there loss of life?

Was a ticket issued to the employee?

Was there bodily injury requiring treatment away from the scene? (For example, an ambulance ride or emergency room visit.)

Did either vehicle have to be towed away from the scene?

A DOT breath alcohol test must be performed within 2 hours of the accident. If the BAT test can not be performed within 2 hours, then the employer must document why. The BAT test can still be performed within 8 hours of the accident, but not after 8 hours.

A DOT urine test must be performed within 32 hours of the accident.

No DOT test is warranted.
If the company policy is to do a drug and/or alcohol test after all accidents, then the employer should request a NON-DOT test.

Sometimes tickets are issued later. If that is the case, the employer would then need to return to this flow chart and answer yes to the question "Was a ticket issued to the employee?", to determine the warranted course of action.


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