Post-Accident Questionnaire (PHMSA)

Please answer the following questions to determine if a DOT post-accident drug test is required.

This questionnaire is for PHMSA post-accident advice. For FMCSA advice, click here.


Can the employee’s performance be completely discounted as a contributing factor to the accident?

A DOT breath alcohol test must be performed within 2 hours of the accident. If the BAT test can not be performed within 2 hours, then the employer must document why. The BAT test can and must still be performed within 8 hours of the accident, but not after 8 hours.

A DOT urine test must be performed within 32 hours of the accident.

No drug or alcohol testing is required.
If the company policy is to do a drug and/or alcohol test after all accidents, then the employer should request a NON-DOT test.


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