On-Site Employee Wellness Fairs

Healthy and happy employees are productive employees.  Show your staff that you are interested in their well being, by scheduling an on-site employee wellness fair with RVOH.

Insurance companies are now covering preventative health services such as biometrics screening.  This helps to catch illness such as high cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes before they become a problem.  It can also help your employees face symptoms they may have already noticed but have ignored.

Our on-site employee wellness fairs include measurement of height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate.  We also conduct an employee survey for medical history and mental status indicators.  Employees receive instant results for their heart and blood info and one-on-one consultations regarding their instant results.  Employees also receive a detailed report with explanations of their numbers and what they mean, in addition to follow-up information that they request or that we believe they have a need for based on their results.

All individual information is kept strictly confidential.  Individual results are not seen by the company.  However, an overall report is included to the company with overall results so that an estimation can be made of the average employee’s health.  With this information, companies can determine if they would like to put forth more effort into programs to improve employee health and morale, or if their existing programs are sufficient.

Contact us today, so that we can schedule your wellness fair and help keep you and your employees happy and healthy.