Health & Wellness

Insurance companies today are increasingly offering preventive health and screening services to companies as part of their employee health programs. It makes more sense to prevent illness than to treat it once it arises. First, it is better and healthier for the individual receiving treatment. Instead of having to repair years of damage, this harm to the patient’s body can be avoided altogether by recognizing the warning signs through early detection and working towards better, healthier lifestyles habits. Secondly, insurance companies save money with this approach. Prevention costs less than substantial surgery bills. They would much rather pay for a blood test now than a bypass later. And finally, this savings is passed on to the employer and employee, with lower insurance rates. A company that encourages wellness by implementing risk assessment screening is a lower liability.

Professional and Knowledgeable

At RVOH, our staff is well equipped to safeguard your employees’ health. We have highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, licensed medical professionals, who ensure that our On-Site Wellness Screening is accurate and efficient, yet non-invasive and as painless as possible. You care about your health, and so do we.

Accurate and Complete Screening

We provide many helpful tools so that you can easily maintain your ongoing health and longevity. Once your data is entered into our system, you can track your numbers over time, and see a visual representation of your progress. Each individual screened is privately provided with a full-color report with graphs depicting their current health, as well as a personal, individual follow-up by one of our medical professionals when we see a danger. Every Company Wellness Fair is followed by an overall Group Health Report Card, letting the employer know percentages and the average health of their employees. We respect the employees’ privacy — individual employee results are not given in the overall Risk Assessment Score Card.