K2 / Spice Panel

Usage of designer drugs is growing at an alarming rate.  Part of the reason for this is that they can not be detected in a standard urine test.  RVOH offers both K2/Spice and Bath Salts as optional add-on panels for lab-based urine screening.

Commonly known as “fake weed” or “spice”, the usage of this drug has been growing recently.  Many of the people using this drug are using it as a substitute for marijuana, due to its inability to be detected in an ordinary urine test.  For some, the results are far from what they expected.  Some examples of the side effects of K2 or Spice are paralysis, blindness, brain damage or death.  This drug is widely available over the counter, because it uses misleading, false labeling such as “incense”.  Behavior of those using this drug can be much more violent than marijuana, also.  It is highly addictive and has led users to violence and other criminal acts.

RVOH strongly recommends this test panel, due to the extreme behavior and health issues associated with this drug.